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Jenn Heape, owner, Fitness Solutions

Jenn Heape, CPT/CYI  Founder of  Fitness Solutions

MISSION: My mission is to create and provide results with expertise and awareness to all my clientele.

I have been a certified personal trainer and fitness educator for over 18 years. I have personally lost over 80 pounds through exercise and proper nutrition. This process has enabled me to relate and connect with my clients on a more individual level. I believe in functional fitness and endurance training, customizing my clients programs to fit there individual needs. I specialize in core stability, strength, TRX suspension, medicine and Bosu ball, Kettle bell training. I use the body as the ultimate machine ensuring safe functional movement for active people. I am an avid cyclist concurring the Death Ride, Davis Double, Sierra Century, and High Sierra century. I am an outdoor enthusiast that loves back packing, white water kayaking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking and being with my 2 awesome dogs and husband of 24 years. My passion is fitness and being in the outdoor elements…it's not just something that I teach.. It's my life!!!

Certs and CEU's:

Precision Cycling-Star Trac
Bosu, Med and Fit Ball-Power Systems
Yoga Fundamentals I II III-SCW-EDU
Nutrition- Lifestyle Management
CPR/AED Certified
AFAA Group
Yoga Fit 1 2 3
Yoga teacher training with Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee and Shiva Rae

Other Training:

NASM CPT- "In Process"
Functional Fitness Education- Power Systems
TRX Suspension Training
Kettle Bell- Power Systems
Boot Camp-SCW-EDU

Jenn’s Fitness Journey:

Jenns fitness journey

My weight loss journey began when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age nine. I was told that by the time I was in my early 20’s I would be in a wheel chair. By the age of twenty five, I was on twenty different types of medications (which was part of my weight gain issues)

By the time I was in my later twenties, I was over two hundred twenty pounds with major pain in my joints and tendons. I had given up completely on myself due to my disease. I decided to change my habits and joined a local gym where I hired a personal trainer who helped me loose over 85 pounds. This process has enabled me to be able to work a little closer with my own clientele today. 


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Roxanne Konen, CPT/TRX Trainer at Fitness Solutions

MISSION: My mission is to help people live a happier, healthier fitness lifestyle.

I have always been active and energetic. After having my third child in a 10 year period I realized the weight doesn’t come off as easy with age. I put on some extra weight as I got “comfortable” in my life. I realized it was up to me to change this “comfort” lifestyle and get moving again for my children and for myself. I sought after my own personal trainer, who helped guide me back on track and lose a total of 30lbs and add lean muscle mass. I have since then competed in 3 figure competitions, have run a couple half marathons, a mud run, a timed stair climb, and also enjoy hiking, bike riding and just staying active. The feeling of shedding off “my winter coat” and having my energy back is so rewarding. I trained with my personal trainer for close to 3 years and now I want to help people reach their fitness goals. My goal now is to pass on this knowledge to others that have any sort of fitness goal in mind, whether it is a run, a hiking trip, fitness competition, or just to be healthy and fit.

NASM Certified
Medabolic Meltdown-IDEA


Roxanne’s Fitness Journey:

roxannes fitness journey

After having three kids within a ten year period, I realized the weight doesn’t come off as easy as it did with my first at age 21. I got comfortable with the couple extra pounds that slowly turned into 20 lbs of being overweight. I knew it was sneaking up on with tighter pants, having to buy bigger sizes, but what did it for me was seeing my face in pictures. It finally hit me that I was overweight for myself and deep down I wasn’t happy with myself. I sought after my own personal trainer who helped me get back on the healthy path, eating right and working out. She pushed me beyond my limits, I lost the weight (and then some) with hard work and dedication. I know why guidance, being held accountable, consistency and work you can do anything you set your mind to.  



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