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Fitness Solutions Personal training studio offers many ways for you to obtain your goals in fitness. Whether you are in need of better muscular balance and joint stability, weight loss, improved movement and core strength training for a sport, we offer the support in a professional and private setting with state of the art equipment including TRX Suspension training systems, Bosu Balls, Ropes, NEW cable Cross and more.

At Fitness Solutions, we can help motivate you, educate you and teach you how to use your body in the most efficient and effective way in a timely fashion. We feel we want to make the most out of our time together!

Our mission is to create and provide results with expertise and awareness to all of our clientele. Together we can create balance!

Fitness Solutions Services

Full hour individual Sessions One-on-One:

You receive a program that is built of muscular strength, balance and stability, core conditioning and nutritional counseling. If needed, foam rolling and flexibility work is included at the end of each session.

Tandem Training:

This format is based on 2 people. You will receive the same type training as individual but train as a pair. Find a friend and let's get moving!

½ Hour Sessions:

This format is for some that may not have a full hour (lunch time) it's considered a fast past circuit style format that gets your heart pumping and muscles conditioned in a shorter time frame.

Group Classes

Straight Strength

Body Zone

The Daily

Core Crunch

Metabolic Meltdown

Sat class formats-Check class schedule for dates and times






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