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Testimonials for Jennifer Heape - Owner, Fitness Solutions

"Jennifer is a very positive motivator. She also interjects her work with a great sense of humor and laughter. While the workouts and hard, they are very enjoyable. I look forward to every Mond/Wed/Fri at 11:30 PM at Fitness Solutions." 
-Tom Cooper


"Jennifer is the best all around trainer I have ever worked with. She posses all the necessary knowledge and expertise, regarding fitness and nutrition that I require on a weekly basis. She is not only knowledgeable but very encouraging, caring and entertaining. I really appreciate how much she loves her work. I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone of age. With her help as a trainer and yoga instructor, I no longer suffer from serious back pain."
-Jackie Laurin


"Jennifer is great at keeping me on track for balance, strength and endurance for backpacking season. She also helped me train for triathlons and century bike rides while making it fun."
-- Dr. Craig Thayer


"WOW! Jennifer has been amazing. I am already seeing big results in just our few first few weeks. In just a short time I've lost inches and taken off body fat. Jenn has been extremely motivating and supportive in helping me reach my fitness goals. I always look forward to our sessions because she has so much energy and knowledge. I just cannot say enough about her and would recommend anyone who is serious about getting fit to enlist in her services."
-- Alicia Surburg


I've never enjoyed exercising at the gym....the same confining space and machines bore me to tears!

BUT it has been nearly 4 years since I exercised regularly and I really needed and wanted to get healthy & fit again.

Jenn and Fitness Solutions are exactly what I was looking for. I work out with her 3 days per week (group and privately). She changes up our workouts each time. It's always fresh and challenging. There are no cumbersome machines in her studio .... instead we use a variety of effective, safe and challenging exercise tools and toys. We work out in the studio but also take advantage of the great outdoor space surrounding Fitness Solutions. Switching up the exercise tools and environment definitely keeps me from getting bored!

Best of all I've lost 5%++ body fat since I started working out with Jenn just 5 weeks ago!!!

There's a reason Jenn has been voted Best Personal Trainer in El Dorado County....she's awesome & provides the absolute best environment for getting your fitness on!!!
-- Robynn Paxton Katz



We got a girl her name is Jenn,
So many gyms is where she's been.

Now she's got a place of her own,
It's so great our minds are blown.

Skill and knowledge just ain't enough,
This tough chick is totally buff.

Some try reachin' goals alone,
But as a group results we've shown

Listen up now and hear our voice,
We say Jenn's a better choice.

Sound off 1-2
Sound off 3-4
Sound off 1-2, 3-4!

-- Jennifer Bingham




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Testimonials for Roxanne Konen - Trainer, Fitness Solutions

" I started seeing Roxanne in April, 4 months after starting on my weight loss journey. She has been supportive and has taught me so much about myself and what my body is capable of. She works me hard, but never more than what I can handle. I KNOW that she is a big key to my success!"
Vanessa Norgauer


"Working one on one with Roxanne has exponentially increased my strength and overall fitness. I have never been stronger. Once a week training with her has been more effective than years in a gym setting"
-Mahala Young Guggino

"Fitness Solutions is just for me! Specifically Roxanne Konen! I feel like she is right there just like a personal trainer woudl be to check my form, push me to improve and feel good about my effort to become a healthier stronger person! YES she does this for me! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve there strength, flexibility and there stamina! She's so good in fact, that when I return to the west coast, I plan to visit her classes as much as time will let me! "
-Cynthia Hoffman


"Fitness Solutions offers a great variety of classes that gets your heart rate moving and strengthen your muscles as well! GREAT atmosphere, lots of laugther and fun enviroment, and major hard work that pays off in the mirror! LOVE these ladies that train like champions!!!"
-Celeste Kline


"Roxanne Konen is AMAZING, her classes are fun and challenging. You leave feeling proud, and wanting more!"
-Lenore Cossey

"Roxanne and I worked together for the months leading up to my wedding and I couldn't have been more thrilled with my experience. Not only did I lose pounds and inches, but also I gained more self-confidence and a stronger body! Roxanne catered each and every personal training session to my own goals and progress; she was patient and encouraging and helped me push myself toward my fitness goals even when I didn't think I could make it! Roxanne is fun and such a joy to work with! I would go home dripping with sweat, muscles shaking, and a total sense of pride for what I had just accomplished with her. I highly recommend Roxanne to anyone looking to advance their health & fitness, strengthen their body, and have a great time doing so!"
-- Siobhan Russell Pritt


"At the beginning of the year (Jan 2014) I vowed to make this MY year - physically, emotionally, and mentally. I began doing my own thing, circuits/cardio/eating better but during the Summer, I could feel myself "slowing down" - I NEEDED to be challenge. I joined Roxanne's classes and I couldn't be happier! She pushed me to overcome obstacles and do that extra tricep dip (shaky muscles and all), the extra TRX push-up, use a weight that is heavier (than I really want to use) and all this as she makes me smile/laugh and I'm reminded that I am doing this for ME! Roxanne is an amazing encourager! Her classes are so fun and easy to do at any fitness/strength level. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an wonderful Personal Trainer (and friend)!!! "
-- Megan Brazelton


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